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Buenas and Hafa Adai from the island of Guam.

Here you will find the beauty of the island in picture and in story.  Whether you have come to appreciate your island heritage, or seek to embrace the unique culture of the Marianas Chamorros, we welcome you.

This site brings you the art and expertise of Judy Selk Flores, PhD in the Art of Oceania. In her writings and in her batik painting she shares what is special about Guam, both today and in the days of her growing up in the village of Inarajan. Her writings can be viewed in the Guam Batik Gallery Blog, and her art is available in our Gallery Shop.

Judy Flores’ batiks are rich, colorful illustrations of Guam’s past and cultural scenes from her life in the historic village of Inalahan in southern Guam.

Her work can be found in many Guam hotels and businesses and in homes all over the world. They are collected by people who have experienced Guam and want a fine art memory of their time spent on the island. President Reagan received her batik painting of Inarajan as an official gift during his visit.

Judy’s passion for the island has also inspired her to promote island culture. She recently retired from the University of Guam. She serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Guam Visitors Bureau and consults for various nonprofit community groups including the Historic Inalahan Foundation and Gef Pago Cultural Village that she helped found. Judy holds a Master’s Degree in Micronesian Studies and a PhD in the Arts of Oceania.

Judy still lives in Inarajan with her husband Juan. She has two grown children and 7 grandchildren

Taotao Inalahan giya Guahan. Asagua-hu si Juan Naputi Flores. Familian Apu si Tata-na yan familian Pomparu si nana-na.

The translation:

Taotao Inalahan giya Guahan: A person of Inarajan on Guam

Asagua-hu si Juan Naputi Flores: My husband is Juan Naputi Flores

Familian Apu si Tata-na: His father is of the Apu family.

Yan familian Pomparu si nana-na: and his mother is of the Pomparu family.


“Judy Flores masterfully transmits more than just an image or a scene to the viewer – it is a visual expression of Chamorro cultural values – respect, generosity, community, happiness.”

– Guamology.org


“The Art Community in Guam is not complete without the name  of Judy Flores attached to it.  As long as I can remember, she brought the unique wax melted Javanese art form to Guam and then was able to bring the native Chamoru culture alive through it.

…Judy Flores has made her mark on Guam and will forever be known as one of it’s island treasures.”

- Tasithoughts.wordpress.com